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The Perfect Weekend Getaway Dress

August 22, 2016

Weekend brunch outfit

It’s not often that you find a dress that not only looks great but is also super comfortable to travel in and can be styled to take you straight from morning to night. Packing for a spontaneous getaway can be tough when you’re restricted to hand luggage size but it needn’t be with versatile pieces like this little red number. Continue Reading…

Everyday Adventure, United Kingdom

14 Spoiler Free Tips For Secret Cinema Events

August 15, 2016


Secret Cinema is the new interactive film experience that is taking London by storm. Jump in to the world of cult film favourites such as Ghostbusters, Grease, 28 Days Later and Back to the Future where film screening, Hollywood style sets and fun interactive performances are are part of programme. So what drives audiences to pay out a pricey £67 for a ticket? Well it’s the element of surprise. In a society where technology is involved in everything we do, Secret Cinema bans all use of tech and gadgets at their events. Yep that means no phones! After having the time of my life (yay to puns) at the recent Dirty Dancing event I thought I’d give a rundown of my top spoiler free tips to help make your cinema experience the best.

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