15 Best Foods Around the World

July 17, 2017

Pastries at Rene's Croissanterie

Feeling hungry? Always! Get ready to sink your teeth in to a tasty post. If you read my blog often you have probably noticed that I love me a good meal. Breakfast, brunch, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, drunken binge…you name it I’ll eat it.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite and most memorable dishes from my travels so far. So whether you’re in to fine dining or street food tuck in to these 15 best foods around the world. You’re adventures won’t be complete without them!

Fergburger, New Zealand

1. Burgers – Fergburger – Queenstown, New Zealand

Hands down the best burger joint in the entire world. There’s a reason queues go round the block all day, every day. It’s worth it though!

Trdelnik with chocolate in Prague Old Town

2. Trdelnik – Prague Street Food – Czech Republic

Potentially the tastiest (and certainly most Instagrammable) street foods on earth, Trdelnik’s are the go to sweet treat in Prague. Similar to a doughnut or crispy pastry, these are served hot with an array of delicious fillings including ice cream, fruit, whipped cream and chocolate.

GIno's East in Chicago

3. Deep Dish Pizza – Gino’s East – Chicago, USA

Gino’s East ends the argument over thin crust and deep dish. Gino’s East pizzas are so good they made it on to one of the best shows on TV, Man vs Food. With a secret recipe for the dough and a mountain of cheese, what’s not to love.

Bread Ahead doughnuts Borough Market London

4. Doughnuts – Bread Ahead Bakery – London, England

I defy you to find a better doughnut in the world. Bread Ahead are pioneers of of the gourmet doughnut and with flavours like heavenly honeycomb, zesty lemon, creamy vanilla custard and indulgent chocolate who’s to argue?!

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

5. Beignets and Coffee – Cafe du Monde – New Orleans, USA

Sugary deep fried choux pastry and smooth silky black coffee are Cafe du Monde’s speciality. You can’t leave New Orleans without tucking in to a dozen beignets. They’re so good you can even buy the pastry mixture to make at home!

Prawn pad thai at We Cook

6. Thai Cooking Class – We Cook – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Get a true taste of Thailand by taking a cooking class in one the country’s best regions for food. Get a guided tour of Chang Mai’s exotic food markets and then learn how to cook traditional dishes such as Pad Thai, spring rolls, Thai curries and mango sticky rice. An experience you’ll never forget.

Food at Huong Lai, Ho Chi Minh City

7. Traditional Vietnamese – Huong Lai – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Listed as one of the best places to eat in Vietnam’s capital by Lonely Planet this tiny restaurant will give you a real taste of Vietnamese cuisine. Salty, sweet, hot and sour, the food is fantastic and you’ll surrounded by hungry locals.

Pancakes at The Pancake Bakery

8. Pancakes – The Pancake Bakery – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a country that knows how to do it’s pancakes! A pitstop at the famous Pancake Bakery on the edge of one of the cities many canals is a must but be warned as queues are almost impossible to miss. Get stuck in with their extensive sweet and savoury menu!

Bratwurst at Potsdamer Platz christmas market

9. Bratwurst – Berlin Street Food – Berlin, Germany

An iconic German dish, there are street food stalls serving these up everywhere across the city. They really can’t be missed. Even better, when enjoyed with some gluhwein at a Christmas market.

Fish and Chips from Fish Shop, Dublin

10. Fish and Chips – Fish Shop – Dublin, Ireland

As one of the biggest fish and chip fans in the entire world (yep that’s official), I can honestly say Fish Shop in Dublin takes the crown for the best dish. A teeny tiny restaurant with a teeny tiny menu, this quirky seafood restaurant is one of my all time favourites.

Langos and hotdogs

11. Langos – Budapest Street Food – Budapest, Hungary

Hungary by name, hungry by nature (oh the puns), langos are a Hungarian classic. Deep fried dough, smothered in sour cream and a choice of your favourite toppings this a dish that’s sure to keep you full whilst you explore Budapest.

Andersen Bakery

12. Pastries – Andersen Bakery – Copenhagen, Denmark

No better city in the world knows how to bake a perfect pastry. Andersen Bakery is the most famous and well loved bakery in the city and serves up hundreds of sweet treats to locals and visitors everyday. Favourites include the iconic Danish cinnamon bun, croissants and raspberry and custard squares.

Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong

13. Dim Sum – Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine – Hong Kong

Although I confess this may not be the tastiest dim sum in all of Hong Kong, it certainly is the cutest. This famous restaurant is filled with both excited tourists and excited little girls having birthday parties! Everything is Hello Kitty themed, from the dim sum to the custard buns and even the carrots in vegetable dishes are shaped with this famous kitties face.

Egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery

14. Egg Tarts – Tai Cheong Bakery – Hong Kong

If you’re looking for traditional treat in Hong Kong, Tai Cheong Bakery is the place to go. Although they bake all sorts of tasty treats, egg custard tarts are their speciality. Creamy and sweet with a perfect crusts they’re as good as they look.

Taiyaki from Naniwaya

15. Taiyaki – Naniwaya  – Tokyo, Japan

Naniwaya is one of the oldest stores in Tokyo and has been serving up this traditional Japanese treat since 1909. Similar to a pastry or pancake these are stuffed sweet red beans and are cooked for up to 8 hours.

So there we have a round up of my 15 favourite foods around the world so far. Let me know your favourites in the comments below!

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