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7 Essential Long-Haul Flight Tips

July 31, 2017

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The thought of flying long-haul can fill a lot of us with dread but it actually doesn’t have to be that bad. For me, flying is one of the most exciting modes of transport and I actually really look forward to flying long-haul. To help you survive your next flight I’ve put together a list of 7 essential long-haul flight tips that will turn your journey from a nightmare in to a dream.

Heathrow Airport

1. Wear comfortable clothing

This is probably the most important long-haul tip of them all. You’re about to board a plane to travel for 8 hours upwards, make sure that you’re really comfortable. Wear loose fitting clothes that give you room to move about, bring layers to help with the changing temperatures in the aircraft and also bring a nice pair of socks or slippers to change in to.

Cathay Pacific plane

2. Choose a good airline

When you’re flying long-haul you want to not only feel safe and comfortable but you also want to be able to enjoy all the extra amenities that airlines have to offer. Choose your airline carefully to ensure you can fully enjoy your 8+ hour journey with in flight entertainment and meals that suit you. My favourites include Emirates, Quantas and Cathay Pacific.


3. Choose a good seat

Much like choosing a good airline and comfy clothing, try to reserve a good seat to ensure the best comfort throughout the flight. A lot of airlines offer advance booking for seating so look for seats where you get extra leg room, or quick access to cabin crew or toilets. If you want to avoid sitting near children avoid the front as this is where special provisions are made for babies on long-haul flights.

Hong Kong Airport

4. Keep a routine

I know it’s difficult, but maintaining a routine throughout a flight not only helps you stay comfortable but it also helps beat jet lag. If possible set your watch to the time of your destination and try and keep your routine in line with that time.

For really long flights you’ll need to compromise but it’s important to try and sleep and eat at the right times. To encourage this try to follow what you do at home, whether that be reading before bed or a certain skincare regime. It will really help.

Amsterdam Airport

5. Take snacks

Even the least fussy eaters may struggle on a long-haul flight without their own snacks. Pack your favourites to tide you over between in flight meals and also keep your blood sugar levels up. Don’t forget to pack healthy choices too as this will leave you feeling a lot better and recover from jet leg easier. It will also be a lot cheaper than buying food on board.

Hong Kong Airport

6. Stay hydrated

As with snacks, pack a big empty bottle or buy a bottle of water at the airport. Cabin crew will happily refill your water bottle for you and it will pass through security quickly. Although it’s nice to indulge in a few of the free beverages of the alcoholic variety during the flight, don’t go overboard as you’ll regret it when you land and potentially make some enemies during the flight if you’re a hot mess.


7. Take headphones

Every airline with their own in flight entertainment system will provide passengers with headphone but these aren’t always the comfiest. Avoid getting a headache or earache by bringing your own.

Have you got any other long-haul flight tips that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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