World This Weekend aims to show that travelling is possible for everyone on all styles, budgets and timescales…even on the weekend.

So Who Am I?

Lucy holding a cameraI’m Lucy! By day I’m a Content Strategist and by night I’m a travel blogger. I’ve always been a keen explorer with a family history filled with adventure  but the fire really ignited after an epic train trip across the USA.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of travelling South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe

I’ve done all types of travel on all sorts of budgets from quitting my job for months of adventures to budget student backpacking at university to shorter weekend escapes.

Now I’ve returned to the homeland I’ll be showing you how to make travel a part of your life even with a full time job and other priorities. It begins by saying YES! YES to experiencing new things, YES to spontaneity and YES to the adventure!

And Who The Hell Is That Guy?

Man on top of the Scott MonumentSo I’m Will, the boyfriend, the ol’ ball and chain. Every now and again you will see a post from me on the blog and these are usually tech-related or anything that might be described as geeky or remotely scientific.

My interests mostly revolve around bicycles and engineering. Travelling was always Lucy’s passion and it was something fun to talk and dream about until we decided to travel the States together, after which I well and truly caught the bug!

Now we love planning our trips together and talk about what amazing things we can see and do, and in true engineering style, I make sure it’s all properly looked after in a nice spreadsheet.