Can They Touch You At Haunted Hoochie

Summary: Haunted Hoochie is a well-known haunted attraction located in Pataskala, Ohio. It has garnered mixed reactions from its customers, with many people praising its scares and intensity, while others have criticized it for being too extreme or offensive. In this article, we will explore some of the reviews of Haunted Hoochie and analyze the different opinions about the attraction.

1. The Atmosphere

Many visitors have praised the atmosphere of Haunted Hoochie for being immersive and terrifying. The attraction is set up as a series of different rooms and scenes, each with its own unique theme and set design. This allows for visitors to feel like they are truly experiencing a horror movie come to life. Some rooms are filled with fog, strobe lights, or other sensory effects, creating a disorienting and overwhelming environment that leaves visitors feeling on edge.

However, some visitors have also criticized the atmosphere of Haunted Hoochie for being too intense or even offensive. Some scenes involve graphic violence or sexual themes, which can be triggering for some visitors. Additionally, some rooms are designed to be completely dark, which can be disorienting and lead to accidents or injuries.

In summary, the atmosphere of Haunted Hoochie is both immersive and intense, but this may not be suitable for all visitors.

2. The Scares

The primary goal of any haunted attraction is to scare its visitors, and Haunted Hoochie certainly succeeds in this aspect according to many reviews. Visitors have described being chased by actors wielding chainsaws, jumping at sudden loud noises, and screaming as they run through pitch-black hallways. The actors at Haunted Hoochie are also praised for their dedication to their roles, as they stay in character throughout the entire attraction, which adds to the overall experience.

However, some visitors have criticized the scares at Haunted Hoochie for being too extreme or crossing the line. Some actors have been reported to physically touch visitors, which can be triggering for those with trauma or anxiety. Others have described feeling like the actors were getting too close, or harassing them in a way that made the experience uncomfortable.

In summary, while the scares at Haunted Hoochie are effective, some visitors may find them too intense or even inappropriate.

3. The Wait Times

One common complaint about Haunted Hoochie is the wait times to get into the attraction. During peak season, waits can be upwards of two hours, which can be frustrating for visitors who have traveled a long distance or have other plans for the night. Additionally, there have been reports of disorganization in the lines, with confusion over where to go or when to enter the attraction.

However, some visitors have noted that the wait times are to be expected for such a popular attraction, and that the anticipation can actually add to the excitement of the experience. Some have also praised the actors for their ability to entertain people waiting in line, making the wait feel less tedious.

In summary, while the wait times at Haunted Hoochie can be long and disorganized, it is not necessarily seen as a dealbreaker for most visitors.

4. The Value

Another aspect of Haunted Hoochie that has garnered both positive and negative reviews is its value in terms of pricing. Tickets to the attraction can be expensive, especially during peak season, and some visitors have indicated that they did not feel like the experience was worth the price tag. However, others have noted that the length and intensity of the attraction make it a worthwhile investment, especially for those who are truly seeking a terrifying experience.

Additionally, some visitors have praised the photos and souvenirs available for purchase, which can be a fun way to remember the experience.

In summary, the value of Haunted Hoochie is a matter of personal opinion and may vary depending on individual expectations and budget.

5. The Accessibility

Finally, one important aspect of any attraction is its accessibility, both in terms of physical accommodations and in welcoming visitors from diverse backgrounds. Haunted Hoochie offers accommodations for those with mobility impairments or other disabilities, which is a positive aspect of the attraction. However, some visitors have raised concerns about the inclusion of offensive themes or language in some scenes, which can be alienating or harmful for certain groups of people.

In summary, while Haunted Hoochie offers some accommodations for visitors with disabilities, it may not be a welcoming space for everyone due to its inclusion of potentially harmful content.


Haunted Hoochie has received a range of reviews from its customers, with some praising its immersive atmosphere, intense scares, and value, while others have criticized it for being too extreme or offensive. Ultimately, whether or not visitors enjoy Haunted Hoochie will depend on their personal preferences and expectations. While the attraction may not be suitable for all audiences, it certainly delivers on its promise of providing a terrifying and unforgettable experience for those who choose to brave it.

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