Condor Business Class Review 2023

Summary: Condor Airlines offers a business class experience that provides comfort, style, and great service. From the spacious seating to the delectable meals, a Condor business class flight is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty.

1. Seating

Condor’s business class seats are incredibly comfortable with ample legroom, making long flights more bearable. The seats are equipped with adjustable lumbar support, headrests, and footrests that can be customized to fit your preferences. Additionally, each seat has its own power outlet for charging phones or laptops during the flight. Condor’s lie-flat seats create a cozy and private space for passengers to relax and sleep throughout their journey.

The cabin architecture of the business class is designed to offer passengers optimal privacy and spacing. The cabin is divided into two or three separate sections, so every passenger gets a personal space to rest and work while onboard. All seats are ideally located near the windows so that the travelers have an excellent view from their seats.

The seats are fitted with high-resolution screens that make it easy to switch to your preferred entertainment for your ultimate viewing experience. With noise-canceling headphones provided, passengers are treated to an immersive audio experience while enjoying the in-flight entertainment.

2. Amenities

Condor business class passengers can take advantage of a range of amenities. Passengers are welcomed with premium wine, champagne, and a selection of non-alcohol beverages. Furthermore, a range of starter dishes, salads, soups, and entrees prepared by on-board chefs are available for passengers to sample. For those with dietary restrictions, they cater to specific dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free meals.

In-flight blankets, slippers, and amenity kits are also provided to passengers on Condor business class flights. Passengers can use the amenity kit for skincare, relaxation, and refreshment, which includes items such as toothbrushes, eye masks, and moisturizing creams.

The airline’s attentive in-flight service to satisfaction is nothing short of astonishing. Passengers never have to worry about refills because flight attendants are always there with speedy service. Condor Airlines has set the bar high and is among the best when it comes to customer service delivery.

3. Lounges

A top-tier lounge experience adds to the overall comfort of a business class flight. Passengers on Condor business class flights are eligible to access airport lounges. The lounges provide catering options, free WiFi, workstations, charging stations, private areas to rest, and quiet spaces to ensure maximum comfort for passengers waiting to board their flights. The comfortable seating arrangement makes these spaces an ideal place to relax and unwind before your flight. Passengers who prefer to work during their wait-time can use these premium lounges to prioritize their work commitments.

The lounge experience is an excellent way to start a business trip; the private and fast-track check-in service allows passengers to skip queues and shorten the check-in process. This provides travelers ample time to enjoy the most stylish and relaxing atmosphere within the lounge.

Before boarding your flight, you can take advantage of the lounge’s additional services like showers, nap rooms, and spa treatments. Passengers who need to freshen up before their flights feel comfortable with the lounge’s luxurious amenities and trustworthy service. The lounges make a difference in the quality of travel offered by Condor airlines, making it stand out from other flight services.

4. Entertainment

With Condor’s exclusive entertainment system, passengers can select their preferences and get lost in a great collection of movies, music, TV shows, and games. The personal high-resolution screens offered in the business class are updated with the latest collections for viewers to choose from.

The available entertainment options caters to all demographics, keeping children, adults, and the elderly entertained for their entire journey. Additionally, each seat provided noise-canceling headphones that make it easy for passengers to concentrate on their favorite shows or relax without disturbance. As a result, passengers enjoy hours of endless entertainment onboard, which adds to the premium experience that Condor offers.

The varied collection of entertainment offered in the business class presents passengers with numerous choices and ensures that long flights never feel drawn-out. Overall, the quality of the entertainment system is an added incentive to fly business class on Condor Airlines.

5. Flight Experience

Condor airlines offer prompt and efficient service, with friendly staff ready to accommodate all passengers’ needs. The airline’s punctuality record is impressive, with most of their flights operating on time, and there are rarely cases of flight cancellations. Passengers arrive at their destinations relaxed and free of jetlag thanks to technical features in the aircraft that assist with the relieving of travel fatigue. Passengers have the opportunity to book hotels or car rentals with the airline, simplifying their travelling arrangements.

The overall flight experience combined with the ultra-sleek design, comfortable seating, top-quality service, and the gourmet dining options make for a memorable travel experience. In summary, the business-class experience with Condor Airlines is exceptional, enjoyable, and remarkably luxurious.

The positive reviews from customers show that leaping into the luxury of Condor airline’s business class usually means that travellers are ultimately getting the best experience possible. The professionals employed by this airline set high standards that exceed the highest expectations.


Condor business class is an exceptional experience that provides comfortable and stylish travel for passengers. The comfortable seating, excellent entertainment, fine dining experience, lounges, and attentive in-flight service combine to create an unforgettable flying experience. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Condor business class service goes beyond just transportation; it’s an exclusive travelling experience designed to keep you at your best through your entire journey.

So, whether you book economy or business class with Condor Airlines, the experience is worth trying. Whenever you are looking for a comfortable and heartfelt journey, Condor Airlines has got you covered.

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