Erie Strip Clubs

Summary: Erie, Pennsylvania may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking about strip clubs, but the city offers a variety of options for those seeking adult entertainment. From fully nude clubs to topless bars, there is something for everyone. However, the strip club scene in Erie is not without controversy and legal challenges.

1. The Types of Strip Clubs in Erie

Erie boasts several strip clubs that offer different experiences depending on what customers are looking for. For those seeking a more upscale experience, there is Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club. The club offers a full-service bar and high-end dancers who perform on multiple stages. The club also frequently hosts events such as watch parties for major sporting events.

Another popular option is The Pony Club, which features fully nude dancing in a more laid-back atmosphere. The club hosts a variety of themed nights throughout the week, including amateur nights where local women can try their hand at stripping for cash prizes.

For those interested in a more traditional strip club experience, there is Crazy Horse Cabaret, which features a mix of topless and fully nude dancers. The club is known for its VIP rooms, where customers can get up close and personal with their favorite dancers.

2. Legal Challenges and Controversies

Despite the popularity of strip clubs in Erie, they are not without controversy. In 2017, Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club was the subject of a legal challenge from the city, which claimed that the club was violating zoning laws. The club ultimately prevailed in court and remains open today.

In 2018, The Pony Club was also embroiled in controversy when the club’s owner was arrested and charged with tax evasion. The owner pled guilty and was sentenced to probation and community service.

Additionally, some residents of Erie have expressed concern about the impact strip clubs could have on the community. In 2015, local residents protested the opening of a new strip club in the city, citing concerns about crime and property values.

3. The Economic Impact of Strip Clubs in Erie

Despite the controversies surrounding them, strip clubs have a significant economic impact on Erie. They provide jobs for dancers, bartenders, bouncers, and other support staff. They also generate revenue for the city through fees and taxes.

However, it can be difficult to quantify the exact economic impact of strip clubs since many operate cash-only businesses and do not disclose their earnings.

Furthermore, some argue that the economic benefits of strip clubs are outweighed by the social costs, such as increased crime and negative effects on property values.

4. Strip Club Regulations in Erie

Erie has regulations in place that govern the operation of strip clubs within the city. Clubs must obtain a license from the city before they can legally operate. They are also subject to restrictions on where they can be located, how late they can stay open, and what types of activities are permissible.

One recent change to the regulations was the imposition of a “sin tax” on strip clubs in 2017. The tax imposes a $5 fee per customer admission and is designed to offset the costs of regulating and policing the clubs.

However, some critics argue that the sin tax unfairly targets strip clubs and discriminates against those who patronize them.

5. The Future of Strip Clubs in Erie

The future of strip clubs in Erie remains uncertain. While the clubs continue to operate today, there is always the potential for more legal challenges and controversies to arise.

Additionally, societal attitudes towards adult entertainment are changing, and younger generations may not be as interested in visiting strip clubs as they were in the past. It remains to be seen whether strip clubs in Erie will adapt to these changing attitudes and continue to thrive or whether they will begin to fade into obscurity.

Regardless of what the future holds, it is clear that strip clubs will remain a contentious issue in Erie and other cities across the country for years to come.


Strip clubs are a controversial topic in any city, and Erie is no exception. While there are several establishments in the city that offer adult entertainment, they are not without controversy and legal challenges. Ultimately, the impact of strip clubs on the community depends on who you ask. Some see them as harmless entertainment that creates jobs and generates revenue, while others view them as morally objectionable and harmful to the community. Regardless of your personal views on the matter, one thing is clear: strip clubs are likely to remain a hotly debated topic in Erie and other cities for the foreseeable future.

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