Flights From Springfield Mo To Dallas Love Field

Summary: Flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas are available with multiple options. This article covers airlines offering flights, flight duration, prices, and tips for getting the best deals on flights.

1. Airlines Offering Flights

Travelers can choose from several airlines for flights from Springfield, MO, to Dallas. American Eagle, Delta, and United Airlines all offer flights from SGF to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). These airlines typically offer multiple flights per day, providing travelers with flexibility and convenience in their travel schedules.

Another option for travelers is Southwest Airlines which offers direct flights from SGF to Dallas Love Field (DAL), a smaller airport in Dallas located close to the city center. Although Southwest flights may be more limited, they often offer affordable prices and unique perks such as two free checked bags and no change fees.

To compare prices and flight schedules among these airlines, travelers can use online travel websites such as Expedia, Kayak, or Google Flights.

2. Flight Duration

The duration of the trip from Springfield, MO to Dallas depends on the airline and whether the flight is direct or has layovers. Direct flights between the two cities typically take around 1 hour and 30 minutes, while flights with layovers can take longer.

For example, Delta and United Airlines typically offer flights with layovers in cities like Chicago or Denver which can add several hours to the total flight time. However, travelers who are looking for a cheaper ticket may want to consider flights with layovers because they can be less expensive than direct flights.

Additionally, the flight duration may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, air traffic, and airport security checks. Travelers should always check their flight status and plan accordingly for any potential delays or issues that may arise during their trip.

3. Prices

The prices for flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas can vary depending on several factors including the time of travel, the airline, and availability. Typically, direct flights are more expensive than flights with layovers, and prices tend to increase during peak travel seasons such as holidays or summer.

To find the best deals on flights, travelers should consider booking their flights in advance and being flexible with their travel dates. For example, choosing to travel mid-week instead of weekends can often result in lower prices. Additionally, signing up for email newsletters or alerts from airlines can provide travelers with exclusive discount codes or flash sales.

Finally, using a credit card with travel rewards can also help earn points or miles toward future flights, providing even more opportunities for cost savings.

4. Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Flights

Aside from booking flights in advance and being flexible with travel dates, there are several other tips that travelers can use to get the best deals on flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas.

Firstly, travelers should consider booking their flights during off-peak hours such as early mornings or late nights when flights tend to be less busy and prices lower. Secondly, using alternative airports such as Kansas City International Airport (MCI) or Tulsa International Airport (TUL) which are located within a reasonable driving distance to Springfield, MO, may offer more flight options and potentially lower prices.

Lastly, shopping around for flights and comparing prices across different airlines and travel websites can help travelers find the best possible deal for their trip.

5. Overall Convenience of the Trip

Although flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas are generally convenient and easy to arrange, there are some factors that travelers should be aware of when planning their trip. For example, travelers should consider transportation to and from the airport in both cities, as well as any potential layover times or delays that could impact their travel plans.

Additionally, travelers who are unfamiliar with the Dallas area may want to research accommodations and transportation options before arriving. However, once in Dallas, there are several convenient options for traveling around the city such as public transportation systems like DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and Uber or Lyft ride-sharing services.

Overall, flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas offer travelers a variety of airline options, are generally affordable, and can be arranged with relative ease. By following the tips listed above, travelers can find the best deals and make their trip stress-free and enjoyable.


In conclusion, flights from Springfield, MO to Dallas are readily available with multiple airline options and price points. Travelers should consider booking their trips in advance, being flexible with travel dates and times, and comparing prices across different airlines and travel websites to get the best possible deal. By taking into account various factors such as flight duration, prices, and overall convenience, travelers can make their trip from SGF to Dallas a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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