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Summary: River Edge Farm is a picturesque 50-acre property located in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. This working farm provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy horse riding lessons, petting zoos, and seasonal events such as apple picking and pumpkin picking. The farm also offers horse boarding services, which allows visitors to keep and train their horses on-site.

1. Horse Riding Lessons

At River Edge Farm, horse riding lessons are available to riders of all ages and experience levels. The experienced instructors lead classes in Western and English style riding, jumping, and dressage. Riders can learn basic skills or advance to the next level of competition. Lessons can be individual or group, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. All riders must wear helmets and appropriate riding attire.

The farm’s indoor and outdoor arenas allow for year-round horse riding. During the summer, there are also opportunities for trail riding through the scenic woods and fields surrounding the farm. Lessons are scheduled throughout the week and on weekends, giving riders flexibility in when they can ride.

Riders interested in competing can attend shows and events held throughout the year. These events provide riders with the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge while getting feedback on areas for improvement.

2. Petting Zoo

The River Edge Farm petting zoo is home to a variety of animals, including ducks, chickens, llamas, pigs, goats, and more. Visitors can get up close and personal with these friendly animals, feeding them and learning about their care. Children love interacting with the animals, and it’s a great way to teach kids about farm life and responsible pet ownership.

During the summer, the farm offers a “Critter Camp” program where children can spend the day caring for the animals. The program teaches kids to be responsible and gentle with animals, as well as the importance of teamwork. The camp is a great way for kids to gain new experiences and create lasting memories.

The petting zoo is also open for visitors during apple and pumpkin picking season. Families can make a day out of it by picking seasonal produce and enjoying the farm’s beautiful scenery.

3. Horse Boarding Services

River Edge Farm provides boarding services for horse owners looking for a safe and comfortable environment for their horses. The farm has 28 stalls available, with access to turn-out paddocks and pastures. All horses are fed high-quality hay and grains, and the barn is cleaned daily to ensure a healthy environment for the animals.

Boarders have access to the farm’s amenities, including the indoor and outdoor riding arenas, trails, and grooming facilities. The staff at River Edge Farm is experienced in horse care and is available to provide care and attention to boarders’ horses when needed.

Boarders are also welcome to participate in the farm’s riding lesson programs and attend shows and events. This is a great opportunity for riders to learn new skills and build relationships with other riders and their horses.

4. Seasonal Events

Throughout the year, River Edge Farm hosts seasonal events that allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the farm and its surrounding areas. During the summer, there are cookouts, outdoor concerts, and charity events that benefit local organizations. During the fall, visitors can pick apples and pumpkins from the farm’s orchard and enjoy hayrides and corn mazes.

The farm also hosts holiday events, such as Christmas tree sales and visits with Santa Claus. These events provide families with an opportunity to create memories and traditions that last a lifetime. Check the farm’s website for a complete list of upcoming events.

During these events, visitors can also take advantage of the farm’s other amenities, such as horseback riding lessons and petting zoo visits. The farm truly offers something for everyone.

5. Community Outreach

River Edge Farm is committed to giving back to the community. The farm partners with local schools, youth organizations, and charities to provide educational programs and volunteer opportunities. The farm’s owners believe in the importance of teaching children about agriculture, animal care, and environmental sustainability.

The farm hosts “Day on the Farm” events where children can spend the day learning about different types of animals and farming practices. The program is designed to be interactive and fun, allowing children to get hands-on experience with farm life. The farm also offers volunteer opportunities to local organizations and encourages visitors to give back to their community.

River Edge Farm is a valuable resource for the local community, providing education, entertainment, and a comfortable environment for visitors and their animals.


River Edge Farm is a beautiful 50-acre property located in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. It provides visitors with a variety of experiences, including horse riding lessons, petting zoos, and seasonal events. Horse owners can also take advantage of the farm’s boarding services, allowing them to keep and train their horses on-site. Through community outreach and education programs, the farm is committed to giving back to its community. River Edge Farm truly offers something for everyone, making it a valuable resource for the local area.

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