Southwest 1760 Flight Status

Summary: On December 8th, 2021, Southwest Flight 1795 from Las Vegas to Houston experienced a mid-air emergency when one of its engines malfunctioned. The flight made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, NM with all passengers and crew members safely evacuated. This incident raises concerns about aircraft safety and the importance of remaining calm in emergency situations.

1. Engine Malfunction

The cause of the engine malfunction is currently under investigation. Witnesses reported seeing loud noises coming from the plane’s engine soon after takeoff. The pilot immediately declared an emergency and began preparations for an emergency landing. Passengers on board reported feeling significant turbulence and seeing flames coming from the engine.

At this time, it is unclear what caused the engine to fail. However, Southwest is known for maintaining a rigorous safety standard and regularly inspects its aircraft. The airline also has a well-trained team of pilots who are prepared to handle potential emergencies.

The incident serves as a reminder that while flying remains one of the safest modes of transportation, there is always a risk of unexpected emergencies.

2. Emergency Landing

Following the engine malfunction, the pilot made the quick decision to divert the flight to Albuquerque, NM. Upon landing, emergency response teams were waiting to assist passengers and crew members in evacuating the aircraft.

Passengers reported feeling frightened during the experience, with some recording and sharing footage of the flames coming from the engine. Still, others praised the professionalism of the pilot and the crew for managing the situation effectively, helping them evacuate the plane quickly and calmly.

Southwest has received recognition in the past for its handling of emergency situations. In 2018, the airline received praise for its response to an engine failure that resulted in the death of one passenger and injuries to seven others.

3. Passenger Safety

The priority during any emergency situation is passenger safety. In this case, all aboard the flight made it safely to the ground and were immediately assisted by emergency response teams. Airlines like Southwest are well-prepared for such scenarios and regularly conduct safety drills with their crew members.

Passengers can also play a role in ensuring their own safety during an emergency. As seen in this case, remaining calm and following instructions from crew members can greatly assist in safely evacuating the aircraft. Experts also recommend listening to the pre-flight safety briefing and reviewing the safety card provided in the seat pocket before takeoff.

In cases where a potential emergency is identified, passengers are advised to leave their belongings behind and head towards the nearest exit. However, it is important to note that situations may differ based on the nature of the emergency, and crew members will provide specific instructions depending on the circumstances.

4. Aircraft Maintenance

Maintaining aircraft is crucial to ensuring their safety during flights. Southwest has established a reputation for taking aircraft maintenance seriously and regularly inspects its planes. The company also has a dedicated team of maintenance professionals who undergo regular training and certification.

Aircraft maintenance not only consists of visual inspections but also requires thorough checks of the plane’s engines, electronics, and other components. It is the responsibility of airlines to ensure their aircraft are in good working order, and passengers rely on these safety measures to stay safe during flights.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees airlines’ adherence to safety guidelines and regularly inspects aircraft to ensure they meet regulations.

5. Company Response

Southwest Airlines has responded promptly and proactively in the aftermath of the incident. According to a statement released by the airline, the company is cooperating with authorities in the investigation and offering support to passengers that were on board.

In an interview, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly praised the pilot and crew for their swift action during the incident. He also emphasized the importance of passenger safety and acknowledged the potential impact this experience may have on passengers’ trust in the airline.

Southwest has established itself as a reputable airline that takes its customer service and safety commitments seriously. The company’s immediate response to this incident highlights its continued focus on maintaining accountability and transparency with its passengers.


The mid-air emergency experienced by Southwest Flight 1795 raises important questions about aircraft safety and response procedures during emergencies. The quick actions taken by the pilot and crew, combined with the effectiveness of emergency response teams, ensured that all aboard the flight made it safely to the ground. Passengers can play a role in their own safety by following instructions from crew members and remaining calm during any potential emergencies. Airlines like Southwest have established reputations for taking safety seriously through regular inspections, maintenance, and training of employees. The company’s response to this incident emphasizes its commitment to safety and maintaining customer trust.

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