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Summary: Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is a popular restaurant in Michigan known for its exceptional service, delicious food, and lovely atmosphere. However, the establishment has received mixed reviews over time. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green reviews to understand what the customers are saying about the restaurant.

1. Food Quality

Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is reputed for serving delicious Italian-American cuisine. The restaurant has a menu that features a wide array of dishes, from pasta and seafood to steak and salads. Many customers praise the quality of the food, with some describing it as the best they have ever tasted. The restaurant sources fresh ingredients and uses traditional recipes to prepare its meals. Some classic dishes, such as the filet mignon and chicken piccata, have received excellent reviews on various platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

However, some negative reviews criticize the quality of the food, saying it was under-seasoned or overcooked. For instance, one reviewer mentioned that their pasta dish was lacking salt and pepper. Another customer reported that their chicken dish was dry. Some customers also noted that the portion sizes were small and not worth the price.

In general, though, the majority of customers are satisfied with the quality of the food at Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green. The restaurant has even won several awards for its outstanding cuisine.

2. Service

The restaurant’s service is another aspect that receives mixed reviews. Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is famous for its attentive, courteous, and friendly staff who go above and beyond to make each guest feel comfortable. Several reviews mention the staff by name applauding their excellent service.

However, some reviewers have complained that the service was slow, leading to extended waiting times. A few reviews mentioned a lack of communication from the staff, leading to confusion over orders or changes to reservations. One reviewer even reported that the server forgot to bring them their order altogether.

Despite these few criticisms, the vast majority of reviews praise the quality of service at Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green.

3. Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is another aspect that receives high praise from reviewers. The restaurant is situated in a charming old building with beautiful decor and features an intimate dining room, live piano music, and soft lighting. These features create a romantic and cozy ambiance that guests appreciate.

However, some negative reviews mention that the restaurant is a bit too dimly lit, making it difficult to read the menu or see the food. One reviewer even noted that they felt like they were eating in a cave. Additionally, a few reviews complained about the noise level, feeling that it was too loud, especially when the pianist played.

Overall, though, most customers enjoy the tranquil and exquisite atmosphere of Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green.

4. Price

The price point of Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is high, which might account for some of the negative reviews. Many reviewers feel that the prices are not commensurate with the portion sizes or quality of the food. Some regard it as a “special occasion” restaurant, a place to go for birthdays or anniversaries and not necessarily for frequent visits.

On the other hand, some customers think the prices are worth it for the exceptional food and service quality, describing it as a “luxurious dining experience.” Others advise those looking for a cheaper meal to be cautious and check the menu beforehand to avoid possible trap prices.

Despite mixed reviews regarding the price point, there is general agreement among reviewers that Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is pricey.

5. Location and Parking

Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, locations can play a significant role in how customers perceive a restaurant. Fortunately, Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is situated in a quiet and beautiful suburb that creates an escape from the city’s hustle.

However, some reviews mention parking as a challenge: a few complained of limited spaces, while others mentioned the confusion on where to park when attending an event hosted by the restaurant.

All things being equal, location and parking do not significantly impact the restaurant experience, but it’s crucial to note the public’s reception on these minor issues.


Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green is a classic restaurant that has attracted widespread attention, and its popularity stems from the pleasant atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious food. Although negative reviews exist for this establishment, they are balanced with many glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Reading through Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green reviews reveals that the restaurant does have areas of improvement, including revisiting the portion sizes and communicating efficiently to prevent waiting times. Nonetheless, the majority of customers recommend this charming Italian-American eatery.

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